Benefits of Having an OWL ROBOT at Your Home?

The iPhone and Android suitable application enables proprietors to control the robot’s settings; it is more than a push-button control; it is a method where owners can track their family pet’s psychological as well as physical health conditions while they are away.

Throughout the training course of a 10-hour day, the firm’s robot can promote activity to distract a family pet from the stress and anxiety associated with splitting up anxiety and encourage workout to combat or prevent depression, sleepiness, and excessive weight.

Developers made certain the Animal Health and Fitness Robot’s architectural honesty through its tough polycarbonate design and IPX4 water resistance. These attributes come together to create an extremely long-lasting robot layout that can hold up against a 630-pound weight test, the attacks, scratches and gnaw of over 50 different large canines, and liquid sprinkles from any kind of instructions.

Benefits of the OWL ROBOT Family pet Health and Fitness Robotic include:

  • Mobile phone Link: The robot is regulated through a simple to utilize the application. Track, screen and regulate your dog’s activity with your phone.
  • Battery Life: The physical fitness playmate features a rechargeable battery that can last 10 hours on a two-hour charge.
  • Easy Maintenance: Merely clean the robotic with a damp towel, recharge, and reenergize the battery.
  • IPX4 Water Resistance: The pet robot is waterproof from any kind of direction and can operate even if a family pet pees on it.
  • FDA Requirement Polycarbonate Building: The products made use in the robot are risk-free for pets as well as have the capacity to hold up against a 630-pound weight test.
  • Advertises Physical and Emotional Health: The robot is a buddy that motivates pets to remain energetic throughout the day. This can avoid separation stress and anxiety, clinical depression, lethargy, as well as excessive weight.
  • Works with Any Treat: Utilize any type of treatment that suits the 1-inch size as well as 0.6-inch height opening.
  • Warranty: The robot has a 1-year service warranty that consists of protection of the battery.

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