Cat DNA Testing Kit – Find Out If Your Cat Has Any Mitochondrial Genetic Diseases

What is Basepaws Cat DNA Test?If you have just found out that your cat is not who you thought it was, or if you want to know if you are the right parent for your cat, this is the answer for you. But what exactly is a cat genetic test supposed to accomplish? If it does not tell you the cat’s true age, is it really worth it? Especially at $ 149, is spending money on such unnecessary gimmicks really worth it?

A Basepaws cat DNA test kit consists of a DNA microarray machine and a test strip that contain a sample of your cat’s blood. The microarray machine will identify and count thousands of different genetic conditions and disorders. Once the results are back, you and your veterinarian will be able to see what you are dealing with. Some genetic conditions such as polycystic kidney disease and feline aids can only be detected by a specialized test. The Basepaws kit contains the proper genetic material for such testing.

A few other conditions such as chronic skin disease and metabolic disorders can also be detected by using the DNA technology. As mentioned above, some breeds of cats are more susceptible to certain genetic diseases than others. In order to detect such diseases early, a visit to your veterinarian is recommended. Also, a cat dna test can be an economical way to check on your cat’s health in general. There are a lot of diseases out there that can be identified early by using the DNA technology.

Most pet owners have no idea that their cat has a genetic predisposition to certain types of diseases and disorders. For instance, domestic cats that originate from breeds with long coats, such as Burmese and Persian cats, are more likely to inherit a genetic makeup that makes their coats susceptible to dandruff. This is because the hair consists of keratin which is similar to the protein that plays a role in human hair. However, this type of hairiness is unfavorable to most cats. The same thing goes for ear infections, which are common in cats with long hair. These types of genetic defects can be detected using the cat dna test.

If your cat does have a genetic predisposition, then it might be worth getting a cat dna test kit. This kit consists of a swab of your cat’s cheek and a kit to collect the DNA. You will need to visit a DNA lab in order to have this test done. This kit costs about $200. The cheek swab and cheek sample should not be taken directly from your cat since they can be contaminated.

After getting a cat dna test, you can run the raw data against the genetic markers provided by the kit. This will let you know what to do next, such as changing diet or applying treatments. You will have the option of saving the raw data or using it in future experiments since the data is very detailed. It is important to save the raw data so you can always make follow up experiments if you are interested in using genetic markers to identify other characteristics of the felines in question.

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