How to Find a Great Dog Trainer

Choosing a pet trainer is a process. This decision requires more than searching “who can help train my dog Lake Elsinore CA.” You will need to spend some time finding the best trainer for you and your dog.

Set Your Training Goals

Your first step should be identifying your dog training goals. For example, are you looking for general obedience or behavioral training, or do you want to pursue more advanced agility or therapy training? You want a trainer that specializes in the type of training you want to pursue. In addition, you will need to identify your budget and time availability. Recognize that you will probably have to pay for more than one session. You also want a trainer that can work within your schedule, if possible.

Referrals and References

You probably know many people who have dogs. Some of these individuals probably even paid for dog training. These are great resources for referrals. For example, you can ask them about their trainers’ techniques and methodologies, how easy they were to work with and what types of training they took. Ask your friends and family members about their long-term results. Your local vet may also offer valuable referrals.

Do your research. Look for reviews and complaints. Review their website to learn about their experience and the types of training they offer.

Meet with the Trainer

Dogs have unique personalities, just like humans. They need to get along with your trainer.

Ask about the trainer’s teaching philosophy: positive reinforcement, clicker, scientific and electronic training, to name a few. Learn about their dog training education and experience, including continuing education. Learn whether they work with groups or individuals and what types of equipment they use. You should also ask about their specialties. Find out if you need to bring any tools to the class.

Your trainer should belong to professional organizations, so ask for this information along with their references. Verify both.

Whether you have a new pet or just want your existing pet to learn new things, consider working with a professional dog trainer.

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