Find Special Healthy Treats for Both Your Dogs and Cats

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Many experts report that 100% natural as well as preservative-free treats are best for our pets – both dogs and cats. Treats are important for our pets as they keep teeth and gums clean and healthy as well as giving them something to chew on.

Adds calories

But just like humans too many treats are not a good thing as pets love food treats and will often get too many calories from them. This can add too many calories to our dog’s or cat’s otherwise normal, healthy diet. And you as the pet owner might not realize how many treats your pets are eating daily. People usually give their animals two, three and four treats at a time not really thinking about how many calories these are adding to the pet’s diet. 


All natural pet treats are best and lower in calories. Snacks and treats should only make up 10% of your dog’s or cat’s daily calories. If you are not certain, your pet’s vet will better be able to recommend based on the treats that your pet likes, their weight and how active they are. 

Fruit or veggies

Try giving them baby carrots, green beans or some broccoli. Vegetables are low in calories and especially dogs do not care what you are giving them – it doesn’t have to be meaty or fatty. Dogs love almost all foods, so, vegetables can be good options as snacks for your dog.

Special companies

You will find many companies on the internet that make healthy treats for dogs or cats. These are:

  • High quality
  • Grain-free
  • Handmade in batches that are small
  • Strict quality control
  • 100% all-natural meats

Your pets both dogs and cats will be happier and healthier with these types of threats.


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