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Your art of decorating is what differentiates your house from that of the neighbor. Your style and taste are reflected in the decorations, both inside and out. You adorn your space with small touches of exoticism and decorative objects that are unique to you. Express your style to your visitors as soon as they enter through a personalized doormat. However, it is not easy to make the right choice and on this point we will help you. Choosing the all guests must be approved by the cats doormats will be the best.

How to Choose Your Personalized Doormat?

It is important to remember that the doormat is placed in front of a house door to allow visitors to wipe off their shoes before entering. To make a good impression this accessory has been personalized. Thus, the doormat is different for each house. Today, it is easy to express your own style by choosing a doormat with a pattern, letter, images and many more. To help you find the carpet you need, here are some tips.

  • First of all, determine your tastes and needs and choose from the many types of doormat. There are, for example, doormats made of rubber, synthetic nylon fiber, needle-punched fiber, cast iron, coconut fiber, natural cotton fiber or polypropylene doormat.
  • Once you’ve decided on the type of doormat that’s right for you, it’s time to decide on its dimensions. Choose the one adapted to the width of the entrance to your house. It would be a shame to have a doormat that is too big or too small. It should also be noted that there are different shapes of doormat. Some models are rectangular in shape and others are half-moon.

Choosing a personalized doormat should be done according to your own style. You can insert images, patterns, welcome text, etc. Here are some models that can match your personal style.

Some Models of Personalized Doormats

In order to choose a high quality doormat that matches everyone’s style, we have selected a few models.

To start with, the natural coconut brush mat: It is a doormat made of natural coconut fibers from the shell of the coconut. These fibers are manually spun in order to obtain a uniform color. They make the coconut brush mat resistant to scratching and rot-proof.

With a PVC underlay, the traditional brush mat also allows the creation of all types of logos. It can be custom cut to any size and shape you want. By a dye spray system. This model can be edged in 4 colors. You can thus personalize your designs, your logos or other signage thanks to a palette of 12 colors of dyed threads. The latter is associated with a very high precision water jet cutting technique. This way, your friends will know exactly which door to ring on.

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