Hamsters and the Items They Need For Special Care


There are probably not many homes with kids that haven’t had a hamster at least once. This is because many believe that they are easy to take care of – just put them in a cage with a few toys and that’s it. 

Need care

But not so fast – there is more to caring for hamsters than that! The species of hamster that is best-known is the golden or Syrian hamster, which is the type used commonly as pets. Djungarian hamster or white winter hamster is also common as pets in Europe and North America, and exhibit modification in their coats during the year more than those found in the wild.

Young children

This is not the perfect pet for young children. It is best to get hamsters when your child is old enough to handle a hamster with care and can help clean the cage. Hamsters in most cases are fun, good, educational pets for families. But they need a lot of care, especially in their cage.


So, you need to go to the pet store and pick up the following:

  • Cage at 15 inches long by 12 inches high, but something even larger can give your hamster more room to exercise. It also needs to be escape-proof. 
  • Bedding – with the best and healthiest bedding is something not made of wood shavings. Best to find bedding made from cellulose or plant-based paper fibers.
  • Toys – an exercise wheel is a must to stop boredom or a ball for the hamster to run around the room. We had a car which the hamster could be put in and roll the car all over the apartment – entertaining for both kids and pet.
  • Food – bags of hamster mix include blends of fruits, vegetables, seeds, and grains. All hamsters need plenty of freshwaters. 

This is for the beginning of starting to care for a hamster pet.

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