Importance of Training Your Dog

You’re at one of the most exciting times of your life, you finally got a puppy! Puppies are great, they are fun for the whole family and can really bring joy to a lot of people but having a puppy is certainly no easy task. Puppies are a huge responsibility, especially if you get one that will grow to be a rather large dog.

You must make sure you prepare your family and your home for the idea of bringing a new puppy into the place and make training that pup a priority. An untrained puppy leads to a misbehaved dog which will only cause you stress and the dog stress too! Obedience training for your puppy will be beneficial because it sets necessary boundaries, makes your dog feel more confident, protects you from a potential liability and keeps your family and dog safe.

Setting Boundaries

Obedience training for your dog is a great way to set boundaries for the newest member of the family. Your puppy wants to be good and he/she wants to do what it is you want them to do but they don’t know what that is unless they are taught.

Happy owners equals happy dogs which is why your dog would rather you train them to be the good dog they are supposed to be than just running around making everybody crazy and therefore jeopardizing your human to dog relationship.

Gives Your Dog Confidence

Dogs thrive on confident behavior which is also another reason why obedience training is a great idea for your pup. As they learn what behavior is acceptable and what is not, they start to gain confidence and will be a much happier dog.

 A confident dog, for example, does not shred your socks, or jump on guests when they arrive which are all naughty behaviors. A confident dog will know his/her place and will respect that humans give them attention when they are being good company and not acting unruly.

Protection of Liability

Being a dog owner means you are now responsible and liable for anything that dog might do which is a really good reason to be sure you are training your dog. As your puppy grows older, especially rather large dogs, he/she will begin to become more of a threat to other dogs as well as other people if not trained well.

Even if your dog is the kindest and sweetest dog ever when they are around you, you don’t know how they may react when put in a stressful situation and if they feel threatened or feel as though you are threatened. When you train your dog, you can have specific words and tones that you use to let your dog know whether or not whatever/whoever is approaching is a danger or not. Trust me, you don’t want to be the owner of a dog that is untrained and gets loose just asking for a liability claim!

Keeping Your Family and Dog Safe

Finally, if you’re considering sending your dog to puppy school Houston you will also benefit by having a happy and safe dog. Not only is an untrained pup a danger to other people and other dogs, but it can also be a danger to the dog himself. An untrained dog is more likely to run off and potentially enter into a dangerous situation and can get himself stuck in bind that would potentially take him/her from their home which would be the worst thing in the world for that dog to have to go through.

So to be clear, if you want to be a responsible pet owner and you love your dog more than anything take them to obedience puppy school houston and your dog and family will thank you!

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