Keeping A Pet Is Not Only Fun, It’s A Burden

There are hundreds of studies on the benefits of living with a pet. It was only until recently that experts considered the burden of love for animals.

A research team led by Dr. Mary Beth Spitznagel of Kent State University (USA) found that people who keep dogs and cats with chronic or end-stage diseases are more likely to experience depression, psychological stress and More anxious than healthy pet owners.

The Danish researchers said the feelings of sadness, guilt and loss when caring for dogs with chronic illnesses are similar to feelings of caregivers towards loved ones, according to PT.

A research report in the Journal of Veterinary Behavior by clinical social worker Kristin Buller and PhD, veterinarian Kelly Ballantyne, reveals qualitative research findings on care-related stress. , raising pets with behavioral problems (barking, howling, breaking things, urinating and defecating, fear, anxiety, trembling, aggression, grabbing or biting other people or animals) .

Most owners say they spend a lot of time and money on pets. Which is to take the time to practice habits for them, the fierce dogs still have to watch continuously, sometimes the owner cannot even leave the house when he wants; Which is money for a pet to see a vet or hiring a very expensive training. Some people even feel isolated because their friends don’t like pets, the relationship appears conflicted because pets are not good, according to PT.

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Some owners describe positive feelings, but most exhibit negative feelings about a pet in question. There are cases of fear that their dog will bite someone; sad because your cat never lives normally as a healthy, good animal; frustration when attempts to train a pet have failed; and painful termites mixed with the thought of pets dying …

To deal with living with difficult animals, most owners choose to accept. When they feel stressed or upset, they will try to think of the positive aspects of the pet. Some owners share a lack of understanding and knowledge about pets. For example, not knowing where to help or where to get information about your pet’s behavior.

In addition, some people report that they are disappointed with their friends because they do not understand, do not want to hear or share difficulties with their pets. Some complain that others keep blaming them for their pet’s problems. These things increase the psychological burden on the owner, according to PT.

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