What You Need to Know About Bengal Cat

Bengal cats are very unique breeds that can be domesticated easily. They are crossbreeds between Asian Leopard and domestic cats. Due to this reason, Bengal cats have many traits. They are intelligent, can be demanding and show affection just like a dog. However, if you want to buy Bengal cat, then you should know more about it. 

The Bengal Cats Love Water

Bengal cats love water and they like to dip themselves into a pool of water or drink water directly from the tap or even play in the water wherever they can find even a puddle. This characteristic of these cats is unlike the ones that other cats have.

They can be very Noisy Felines

A Bengal cat breeding also involves Siamese cats. These are very noisy and similarly, the Bengal cats too can be noisy and seem to talk a lot with their owners. They can get very noisy when they are not getting their way or what they want or even when they are being ignored.

They are Expensive Breeds to Maintain

If you are planning to get a Bengal cat, then be prepared for taking out some extra cash to maintain your cat. They can become very attached to their owners and family due to which they tend to become very demanding. They tend to follow their owners if they are being ignored or unless and until their demands are met. IMG-5426

They are Fast Learners and Love to Perform

Bengal cats love to learn new tricks. They are quick learners and love to perform once they have learned their tricks. They are always ready to learn whatever they are being taught. They also have the ability to learn quick commands for them to follow. 

They can get you Tired

Bengal cats have a physique that is quite athletic as they look lean and tall. Hence, this makes them very energetic and active. They love to sleep any other cat but when they are not sleeping they can keep you on toes as they can become mischievous and get busy doing something or the other. 

They are Good Hunters

Bengal cats are active and alert and hence, that makes them very good hunters when compared to other cats. They will also make sure that they are announcing their success by making loud noise irrespective of the time of the day.

So, keep these things in mind before you become an owner of a Bengal Cattery Jungle Kitten.

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