What You Need To Know About Your New Dog

Choosing to adopt a new dog is a huge decision, and an exciting one! You want to be the best dog owner, so before you jump into anything make sure you do some research beforehand. There are so many different kinds of dogs from all different breeds. Understanding the breed of dog you are adopting is essential to providing the best care for your new pet.


While every dog has an individual personality, different breeds can have tendencies toward certain temperaments. Don’t worry if you learn that your dog is prone to negative behavior traits. Dog training programs Denver CO make real behavior modification possible and will allow you to connect with your dog on a deeper level. It’s important to know the history behind the breed of dog you are thinking of adopting. Were they originally bred for hunting? While they might not be actively hunting anymore, these dogs can retain their exceptional scent and intelligence. You might find yourself teaching your new dog tons of cool tricks, but also double checking the doors to make sure they aren’t letting themselves out or getting into trouble. Knowing your dog’s personality type will allow you to better communicate and bond with them.

Fur Type

Different dogs also have different kinds of fur. Some dogs are more prone to shedding and might require regular or even seasonal brushing. Be prepared to get a lint roller or two if you’re looking to adopt a dog that sheds. These make cleaning fur off clothes and furniture a breeze. If you’re sensitive or allergic to dogs that shed, you can instead consider a hypoallergenic or non shedding dog. While these dogs won’t shed, they will require regular hair cuts and grooming. Longer fur might also need to be brushed in order to prevent knots. Being prepared to manage and care for your dog’s fur allows you to give them a happy and healthy life.

When you adopt a new dog, be sure to learn about your dog’s specific breed and background. Knowing things like their fur type and personality traits can help you prepare the best possible life for your new dog.

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