Preparing Your Home For Your New Puppy

You are ready to add a new member to your family and have purchased a puppy to bring home. There are many things that you must do to welcome your new pet and keep them safe while they live with you. Here are a few tips to get your place ready for them.

Get What They Need

Make a list of things you will need to purchase before your new dog arrives. Research what type of food they will require then get a bag at your local pet store. If you want to leave them outside on their own, look into purchasing a portable kennel fence and install it in a safe place in your yard. Evaluate your property For plants and other vegetation that can make them sick if they eat it. If you are able, relocate these to an area where they are restricted from. Buy toys that will last a long time. You may need to look into what works best for the breed of your dog. Obtain a leash and collar so you can take your new puppy checklist on a walk.

Prepare Your Home

Much like a toddler, you must review the items in your home and determine whether you need to find a new location for them. Puppies like to chew on objects and there are many that can make them sick or or injure them. Look over the spaces where your pet will be and rearrange objects until the area is safe. Think about where you want them to sleep and eat. Place their bed or kennel and their food bowls where you choose. You will need to introduce your dog to these objects so they know where to find them. If you select a crate for them, be aware that you all have to train them to use it and be patient until they are comfortable with it.

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