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Cat trees provide your cat with an entirely their own space, allowing room for comfort, exercise, climbing, and scratching with your couches or furniture’s exemption. But how do you select a suitable one for your cat? Here is how.

Consider the size of the cat tree.

There are different cat trees variations in size, some of which are simple, small, medium, or large-sized. Others have multiple functions too. To choose the right size, you should know your cat’s size and the amount of space you want the cat tree to occupy.

The cat trees should be high enough for your cat to climb on, and the perches should be big enough to accommodate your cat’s size. For instance, if you have a small baby kitty, a small cat tree will be suitable. But, if your cat is too old to climb or jump, buy a medium-sized cat tree.

Its appearance

The appearance of the cat tree matters as well, but it is strongly related to the size. For instance, a small, simple cat tree will come with a platform and a scratching post. In comparison, a more significant cat tree comes with a high platform for perching, a post for scratching, a house for sleeping, a cradle for longing, and toys for fun.

The critical thing to look for is one with a scratching post made from sisal or any other durable material. It will help save your furniture from future scratches. Also, remember to choose a color that complements your house decor to avoid clashing. You can choose a neutral color that won’t look dirty when fur adheres to it.


First of all, as much as a cat tree acts as a bedroom for your cat, it is something to claw at, play with, jump, climb, etc. therefore, it should be highly stable. The base must be robust to avoid wobbling when the cat jumps and climbs. It doesn’t matter what the cat does on the platform. It should be sturdy enough.

If the cat tree is stable, your cat will easily fall for it and have fun, but it will become uninterested with the first trial if it is unstable. So, you should check the cat tree’s weight-bearing capacity to determine if it can handle your cat’s weight. Also, place the cat tree on flat ground or in a corner against a more stable wall.

Material and durability

Most cat trees are of solid wood, rope, or particle boards. The surface can be of carpet or fabric. Solid wood is more durable, while particle boards are less durable but economical. Cats like a carpeted surface as it is soft and cozy. If your cat loves to scratch on the carpet, consider buying the rope one for more scratching. If it likes playing with wood, one made of particle board would be suitable.

The other thing you should check with the cat tree is that it should be durable. It is not for single-use, but a lifetime, so it should be highly durable. Since it is something your cat will be clawing at and playing with every day, the material should be strong enough.

the final takeaway

For cat owners, a cat tree is a must-have. To find the best fit, shop around more, considering your cat’s characteristics, preferences, and personality.


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