Top 3 Things People Don’t Know About Owning a Horse

Horses are majestic creatures, and owning one is the pinnacle of enjoyment for many riders and enthusiasts alike. However, keeping and caring for horses is a monumental undertaking, especially for those unprepared for the responsibility. Here are the top three things about owning horses most people don’t know but probably should.

  1. They Are Hard Work

You may feel ready to purchase your own horse after spending years around them. However, there’s nothing like owning a horse to make you understand how much work it really is. Chores like mucking the stables and basic care like giving your horse the proper diet are the parts of it that most are prepared for, but there are also more complex needs you have to be ready to meet. Horses are social creatures and crave exercise, time and attention, so you’ll need to be able to give your animal all you can to keep it happy and healthy.

  1. They Need To Be Insured

Horses are a major investment, so along with a new horse you should get the proper insurance in case the animal gets sick or dies as you’re still paying it off. If you’re thinking of starting a business with your horse or will be handling others’ horses for show or group riding lessons on your property, commercial care custody and control liability insurance can pay for damages to others’ horses who are injured on your watch.

  1. They Require Experienced Riders

Even a horse who is used to being saddled and ridden by others may not necessarily be good with inexperienced riders, especially children. Many horses prefer to be exercised by seasoned riders, so make sure you or someone you trust will be around often enough to get the job done.

Purchasing a horse can be as costly as a sports car, but the rewards are unmatched by any possession. To get the most out of ownership, know what you’re getting into beforehand.

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