How to Train Your German Shepherd Puppy

Bringing your German Shepherd puppy home can be a source of excitement. Those first few months will also be when you set the foundation for your puppy’s life amongst your family. Consistent training is crucial to a well-behaved, stable pup. Since all dogs are different, remember that you can always change up your training methods to suit your newest family member.

Potty Training Tips

Most new dog owners focus on housetraining first. The sooner that your pup knows where to do its business, the better. Take your pup out frequently. This can be as often as every two hours. Also, take it out after every meal and drink. When your puppy goes to the bathroom outside reward it with a treat.

Biting Tips

Remember that champion breed German Shepherd puppies grow into large dogs. While nipping and biting may be cute now, it won’t be cute when your pooch grows into a full-sized German Shepherd. Every time your puppy bites or nips, correct the behavior. Instead of saying no, try a high-pitched squeal when your dog bites. It works a lot better. You can also distract your puppy with a lot of chew toys.

Rules Tips

When you bring your newest companion home, it won’t know the rules. You have to teach those. You do not have to teach through disciplining bad behavior. Instead, reinforce all of the good behavior. Reward all of the behaviors that you like utilizing treats. Do not reward behavior that you do not want to encourage.

German Shepherds can make great additions to any family. If you recently brought home a puppy, now is the time to start training it. The earlier you start, the easier it is going to be for those rules to stick. Puppies learn quickly and so you may begin to see results right away.

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