What are some ways to deal with a dog’s separation anxiety?

Does your dog show separation anxiety when you are going out? Does your dog feel uneasy or uncomfortable when you are going out? Are you searching for the best ways to deal with a dog’s separation anxiety? Do not search further; we would provide you with helpful tips on the right ways to deal with a dog’s separation anxiety.

Before going further, it is important to know that dogs are very emotional and sensitive pets. They need your attention and love to hang around you always. And when they notice that you are going out without them, they may become restless, anxious, and unhappy. There are diverse ways dogs can show this behaviour, which is why it would help to understand the body language of your pet. 

When your dog looks worried anytime you are going out and begins to destroy things after you left it follows you everywhere when you come back, or looks anxious or barks when you move close to the door, your dog is unarguably dealing with separation anxiety. Here are some ways you can deal with the situation:

1. Make Departure and Arrival Trivial 

One of the ways you can help your dog overcome separation anxiety is by trivializing your departure and arrival. Do not make it something special when you are leaving home or when you just came back. Talk to your dog calmly when leaving and when you are back. Do not create an unusual sensation or feelings. This will help your pet relax and expect your return without making a fuss.

2. Be Affirmative 

Another way you can deal with a dog’s separation anxiety is by using an affirmative word or action each you are going out that will inform your dog that you will be back. Saying affirmative statements will assure your dog that you will be back soon.

3. Calming Medicine

You can buy over-the-counter calming products that help reduce fear and anxiety in dogs. When you give your dog this kind of product, it will relax and calm your dog, removing fearfulness. 

4. Dog Daycare 

Another perfect way to deal with a dog’s separation anxiety is by taking your dog to dog daycare. There are other professional dog caregivers at a dog daycare as well as other dogs that your dog can play, exercise, and have fun with while you are away. Dog daycare is the perfect place to take your pet if you want to help him or she overcome separation anxiety. Dogs are well taken care of and monitored at a dog daycare. 


Follow the tips above to deal with your dog’s separation anxiety. Remember, dog daycare gives your dog the company of other dogs and access to care from experts, which will make your dog feel happy, and relaxed, and make new friends. After some time, your dog will overcome the fear of being alone when you go out.

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