What To Do Before Buying Your First Horse

Owning a horse is a big investment, especially if it is your first time. Here are some basic things, such as Horse Stable supplies san diego county ca, that you need to do before you buy.

Craft a Care Plan Before Buying

You should make living arrangements for your horse well before its purchase. If you are planning to keep it on your property, ensure that it has ample, verdant pasture for grazing and a cozy place to spend the nights. You should also possess all the necessary equipment for training and grooming.

You can even board your four-hoofed friend at a livery stable that does all the care for you, including important horse body clipping Westhampton MA services. That way, your horse can receive the care it needs without relying on you.

Observe Your Potential Horse’s Temperament

First-time horse owners should buy mares or neutered males, which are also known as geldings. These horses typically have a more tranquil demeanor and are relatively easier to work with than stallions. In fact, you should never buy a stallion as your first horse. Its feisty and obstinate nature will make it exceedingly difficult to train unless you have prior expertise.

Of course, not every mare and gelding fits the mold of the gentle and patient equine. When viewing the horse in person, examine its behavior and mannerisms to determine if it will be the right companion for you.

Note the Horse’s Age and Experience Level

When it comes to a horse and its master, at least one of them needs to be experienced. While it may sound appealing to own a young horse, this is not a good idea because it is unlikely to have completed its training. Older horses are typically better trained and far more forgiving to first-time owners.

These considerations, supplemented with additional research on prospective horses and their current owners, will help you find the perfect first horse.

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