What You Need To Know About Cat and Dog Vaccination in Singapore

Vaccinations are one of the most crucial things to keep your cat or dog healthy. It gives them protection from deadly diseases and increases their quality of life. Knowing what to expect before and after a pet’s vaccination can help you give them better care. Before you schedule an appointment with a vet clinic in Singapore, here are the three things you need to know about pet vaccinations.

What vaccinations should your pet get?

There are two categories of pet vaccines: core and non-core. Core vaccines are considered must-haves. Every dog or cat must complete their core vaccines, regardless of age, breed, environment, or other circumstances.

Examples of core cat vaccination in Singapore include feline parvovirus and feline calicivirus. On the other hand, examples of core dog vaccination in Singapore include the canine distemper virus. You can ask your vet about the complete list so your pet can complete their core vaccines.

When should your pet start vaccinations?

The earlier you get vaccinations for your pets, the better. But if you’re taking care of newborn puppies or kittens, wait until they’re six to eight weeks before you take them to a vet clinic in Singapore to get them vaccinated. Wait to give the final vaccine until your pet stops breastfeeding. Their mother’s breast milk might interfere with the vaccines.n

How often should your pet be vaccinated?

How often a pet is vaccinated depends on its age. If your pet is a kitten or a puppy, it’ll need to get started on many vaccines, so it’ll get vaccinated three times for six months. After that period, they can get their vaccinations yearly. In some cases, pets can go three years until their next appointment. Every case is different, so contact a pet clinic in Singapore to figure out the plan for your pet.

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