10 Signs Your Dog Loves You

Dogs truly are man’s (and woman’s) best friend. Our two species have been tied together for over 15,000 years, so it shouldn’t be a surprise we have such a close bond. Though how do you tell if your pup is feeling it too? Here are a few signs that your dog is well and truly into you.

They lock eyes with you

Forcing eye contact can make most dogs feel a little uncomfortable and look away. However, if they hold eye contact when relaxing, playing, or cuddling with you, it’s a sign that they’re very content and trusting.

The wag

It’s near universally known that tail wagging can communicate happiness. However, a lot of people are uncertain because we now know it can also mean agitation or anger. You need to look at their posture, too, to confirm. If they’re stiff, it’s a bad sign, if they’re more relaxed or actively affectionate, the cause should be obvious.

Warm welcomes

Dogs that love their owners will freak out when you get home. It can be a sign of separation anxiety if they get too excitable and a little too unhappy when you leave. While that problem should be addressed, at least know it means they love you.

They come back to your side readily

When dogs are in new environments or on walks, they will want to check out all sorts. However, they do “check in” on their owners when they’re happy. This means they’ll look back frequently to see that you’re having as much fun as them.

A healthy appetite

If your dog isn’t eating their food, it could be a sign they’re not getting what they need from it. Switching to more nutritious or appetizing meals like Barking Heads could help. However, if they’re still not touching their bowl, it could be a sign of depression or a physical ailment.

Your voice gets them excited

If your dog runs at a greeting, wags their tail when you start talking to them, or even stops playing with a toy or checking out a new scent when they hear your voice, that’s a very good sign. It also feels incredibly validating.

The many leans of a dog

A dog leaning against you can communicate that they want something, are coming in for a cuddle, want to feel secure, or are a little anxious. Either way, it’s a sign of trust since you’re the one they look to for that security and happiness.

Yawning with you

A yawn feels good, and it’s incredibly contagious. When we see or even think of yawning, we’re likely to empathise with the sensation. Dogs do the exact same thing with humans they have bonded with.

It comes in for a cuddle

There’s a lot of misinformation that dogs don’t like hugs, based on one study that has since been largely contradicted by more thorough, repeated tests. Dogs love physical affection and will actively seek you out for it when they love you.

They smile at you

Okay, so it’s not a “real” smile. Dogs don’t communicate happiness that way. They do, however, open and relax their mouth when they’re feeling affectionate or content, which can look like a smile!

Dogs do communicate, a lot more than we tend to give them credit for. Keep an eye out for the signs and you’ll be sure so see that your dog is very happy with you indeed.


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