3 Ideas for Thoughtful Gifts

Whether you’re shopping for a birthday or holiday present or a little something to show appreciation and gratitude, you will want to select a thoughtful gift that is suited to the recipient. The following ideas can set you on the path to just the right gift.

Time Spent

Sometimes the very best gift you can give is your time and presence. Take your recipient out for lunch or dinner. Go to a concert or a museum or a sporting event together. Enjoy an afternoon playing a favorite game or shopping or even chatting over a cup of coffee and a special treat. There are plenty of possibilities here, and your recipient will appreciate this gift of time.

Something Personalized

Personalized gifts are also particularly thoughtful, for they show that you have taken the time to plan ahead and have something made to order just for your recipient. If you are crafty, you might put together a scrapbook of pictures and stories for your recipient or make a piece of jewelry that features your recipient’s name and favorite color.

You might also order a personalized leather name buckle, journal, Christmas ornament, decorative plaque or colorful tote bag. You can even put together a gift basket with a collection of items reflecting your recipient’s tastes. If your recipient likes coffee, for instance, nestle a bag of ground coffee in a basket along with a creative mug, a little book about coffee and a package of biscotti.

A Gift Card

A gift card might not seem like a thoughtful gift, but it can be if your purchase a gift card with your recipient’s interests in mind. If your recipient loves to cook, present him or her with a card from a gourmet grocery or a kitchen store. A reader will appreciate a gift card from a bookstore, and a traveler will enjoy a card for a night or two in a bed and breakfast.

Choosing just the right gift is not easy, but with a little thought, you can make your recipient’s day.

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