4 Costs of Dog Ownership Rarely Discussed

Bringing home a puppy is a worthwhile pastime for people of all ages. Dogs are loyal, fun, and adorable, but they are expensive. Besides the usual costs of pet ownership, such as food and toys, here are four costs of owning a dog that are rarely discussed.

  1. Emergency Vet Visits.

Dogs get sick much like humans do, unexpectedly and unexplainedly, so you should be aware that eventually a trip to the vet will be necessary outside of regular checkups and maintaining a vaccination schedule. Emergency visits, especially those completed at a 24 hour clinic, will be sudden and expensive.

  1. Grooming.

Depending on the type of breed you want, there is a possibility your dog will need regular grooming. Dog groomers Ardrossan will wash, trim, style, and clip for you, but there is quite the price tag involved, especially if the groomer comes to your house.

  1. Boarding or Pet Sitters.

Before bringing home a new puppy, you need to have a plan for anytime you have to leave it alone for an extended period of time. Most dog owners will opt for a kennel or boarding facility where you can board the dog. If you’re worried about how your dog will react to a strange environment, you can budget for a pet sitter, but sitters can be the more expensive option unless you are able to rely on a friend or neighbor to help.

  1. Your Life Outside the Home.

Although this cost is metaphorical, you should ask yourself if you are ready to give up certain aspects of your life outside of the home before bringing home a dog. Staying out late with your friends will take more planning and consideration because you need to feed and walk the dog to keep it healthy and happy.

With a little extra planning, owning a dog can be a financial walk in the park.

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