5 Tips for Picking the Best Dog Groomer

Leaving your dog in the hands of a groomer takes trust and assurance. You expect them to provide all the required dog grooming services that your dog might need, including cleaning their ears, expressing their anal glands, cut and style their hair and so on. It is a very big responsibility and as a caring pet parent, you will want to be sure that you are leaving your dog in the right hands. 

But how do you get to pick the best dog groomer? That is the one million dollar question. To help you out, we have highlighted top 5 tips that can help you. Check them out!

  • Check their certification

The best groove will definitely have a certification. You will be very comfortable leaving your dog with someone who has received certification from any of the certifying grooming vendors or organizations in the country. You can also contact the certifying organizations to confirm the groomer’s certification. 

  • Interview your groomer

You will also want to interview your potential groomer just like hiring managers would do to potential employees. Interviewing the groomer will help reveal if there is a good match. To effectively evaluate the groomer, you can ask questions like:

  • Can you accommodate a dog with special needs?
  • Have you every provided dog grooming services to this breed?
  • What are your qualifications and certifications?

It is during the interview that you should disclose if your canine friend needs a special shampoo, is older, or is prone to feeling anxious. The groomer should be able to quickly answer the questions in a satisfactory manner, and also ask you questions as well.

  • Go to the salon

Every groomer you meet will tell you that their salon is well equipped with all the required dog-friendly products and tools to offer the best dog grooming services to your pet. However, you should never take their word for it. Instead, visit the salon in person and find out if it smells good. The salon should be clean and not noisy. 

  • Research groomers online

There are best groomers who have Instagram feeds or Facebook pages. Check those out and find out if you love the groomer’s style. You can also read Yelp and Google reviews for the salon. 

  • Listen to your pet

Lastly, but most importantly, it is very important to observe how your dog acts with the groomer. After all, grooming is supposed to be an enjoyable experience. Also see how the groomer is reacting to your pet. The dog must feel comfortable with the groomer at at the saloon where the dog grooming services are offered. 

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