Is Havanese Dog a good catch for your home?

Havanese dogs are known for its craggy impression especially when it is not clipped or preened in any way. It is a little dog with strong legs and moves freely around. This breed has a long   silky hair covering its dark eyes and its long tail. This dog breed is double coated and its coat can be wavy, curly or corded. This breed has soft hair both undercoat and overcoat. The Havanese dogs with short coat are known with the nick name,”Shavanese”. The havenese dogs usually have long hair, but there also some dogs in this breed with short-haired recessive gene.

If someone is looking for a happy and cheerful dog, then the Havenese breed is the best option. They are excellent family dogs who liked to play games and enjoy a lot of time with the family members. They need a lot of people to sneak around. These havenese progeny are people-oriented pets, they love to comfy in laps but sometimes they become very dependent. If these pets are left alone for a long time, these breeds start to feel very low.

History of Havanese:

Havanese is an old progeny from the Bichon Family. Originally, Tenerife dogs came to Cuba along with the Spanish Farmers and noblemen in the early 1500s.These dogs developed into the Havanese with little outside influence. In Havana, the breed became a family pet. By the 18th century, the Europeans inhabiting in the Havana discovered this breed. This little puppy became a great predominant among the Spanish, British and French nobility.

With Castro’s revolution, some of the Cubans deserted into   The United States brought their Havanese with them, which became the foundation stock of this breed today.

Temperament of Havenese dog breed:

Havenese dogs are a very good companion as they are very gentle and responsive. They become very attached to the children and family members as they are very affectionate and playful inclination. These breed have a high intelligence, more sensible, cheerful and sociable. These dogs can quickly get along with everyone and even with other pets  around them.

What is the life expectancy of Havanese dog?

The havanese breed is a companion dog originating from Western Mediterranean Basin. This breed was originally descended from the Bichon breed which is always considered as “small companion dogs”. The life expectancy of havanese breed lasts around 14 to 15 years. This breed is famous for many positive traits such as gentle and cheerful inclination.


Are Havanese dogs hypoallergenic?

    Havanese dogs shed very little and produce less dudgeon as well. These breed of dogs are highly ideal for people who have allergic or respiratory issues, ensuring they can have a pet friend like havanese breed without worrying as it can cause effective reaction. Thus the havanese breed are generally healthy and sturdy with certain serous health issues.

Are Havanese dogs very smart?

Havanese dogs need proper training. Dogs of this breed are known to be highly trainable, able to learn new tricks and perform with great dextricity. These breeds are very obedient when it comes to games and are very  sociable  as a companion dog .


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