Are Hypoallergenic Dogs Super Dogs? Does the Concept Really Work?

There are many people who love dogs and want some good breed of dogs as their pets. And one of the most popular breed or type of dogs that have become much known is the hypoallergenic dog breeds. They have been categorized. But the fact is that there is no such concept as hypoallergenic dogs. And people are simple wasting their dollars to get the breeds that have been simply termed as hypoallergenic. Every dogs have some or the other health problems including shedding which is very common. At the most you can get them some good immune booster injections and anti-allergic injections, but that cannot help shedding.

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Does Hypoallergenic Dogs make Sense?

It is a natural part of dogs. So, simply there is some concept hypoallergenic dogs and the other definitions like they don’t shed and their fur doesn’t have the bacteria that can get mixed in air is stupid to believe. Of course even if you have a hypoallergenic dog and if it sheds one hair, will you be able to find it? It will fly in the air or get sweeped or vacuumed or somewhere beneath the carpet or couch or pillow. So, does it make any sense in the first place to have a hypoallergenic dog (dogs that don’t shed or have bacteria)? Apart from that even if you get such a super dog that doesn’t sheds then it will have some other ways to release the bacteria from the body, like worms or insects etc. It is better that people get a teddy bear dog.

Why Spend For Hypoallergenic Dogs?

So, you cannot be sure in the first place that getting a dog for so many dollars in the name of hypoallergenic dogs actually works. Apart from that human beings are non-hypoallergenic and you will get all forms of bacteria in the air, water, food, clothes etc. For instance, yogurt it has some alive bacteria thriving in it. So, if you are such a freak about having everything hypoallergenic, then you should stop eating that also. It is just a instance, that one should use common sense.

Keep Distance with Pets if You Are Allergic –

And if you are so allergic in having a pet and still want to have a pet, so it is better you keep a distance and not stick too close to the dog like hugging too much and suffocating them, or kissing them too much or letting them lick you or holding them like a baby as if they cannot walk etc., that later you get reactions like itching or burning in the skin, or some other problems. And if you are asthmatic then you should keep the dog outdoors or at some distance.

Use Dog Friendly Products –

So, it is always better that you choose dog breeds wisely or according to your likes for some of the dogs. But it is always better that people learn to take responsibilities of keeping a dog, like treating them right, taking to doctor, using mild soaps, or dog skin friendly soaps, and giving salt and spice free foods, etc. And people should also leave the concept of using silky shine shampoos for pets with long hair to make them look beautiful. It just disgusts the dogs, the smell and the texture.

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