Content Marketing for Non-Profits, Pets Phoenix

Non-profits are always fighting the uphill battle of having to raise money with little or no marketing budget. Luckily, content marketing has become a viable substitute for many forms of traditional paid media. It gives the organization the opportunity to show what they do through videos, blogs, email blasts, or social posts, rather than tell through boring newsletters or presentations with graphs and slides. Here are a few tips to produce effective content marketing pieces in hopes of raising funds.

Find a Videographer

Whether it’s on television, on your organization’s website or embedded in an email or social post, video is king. It’s well worth hiring a full-service videographer phoenix md for a day or two to help you shoot video that would take you three times as long to capture with a smartphone, with much better quality. Well-shot and edited video can elicit emotional responses very effectively, both consciously and subconsciously.

Write Scripts That Show Value and Prove Benefit

For your video, spend less time on the history and mission of your organization, and more time demonstrating its results. The key to content marketing is to produce material that doesn’t feel like traditional advertising. Focus on the value your organization provides to the community it serves. First-hand stories and testimonials are always especially compelling.

Provide a Way to Learn More (Instead of a Strong Call-to-Action)

One of the cardinal rules of advertising is that you should end your piece with a strong call to action, asking the audience to buy. Content marketing should end with a subtle suggestion. Instead of “buy now,” consider “learn more” as a closing line. Put this over a graphic that includes your organization’s website and social media handles, and hopefully, the piece will have been compelling enough to drive the viewer to one of those channels. This is where you can ask them to donate.

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