Best English bulldog Food: What you need to know?

The English bulldog is known for his courage and stubbornness, but he loves being close to his family and has a calm and docile temperament. The breed gets along well with children and other domestic animals. Because he is very stubborn, the English bulldog has difficulty learning commands and is one of the most difficult breeds to train.

English bulldog Care and Food –

The English bulldog is a brachycephalic dog, with difficulty breathing. Therefore, avoid exposure to heat or wet weather. The English bulldog needs moderate exercises for the muscles, to develop its breathing capacity. Most do not know how to swim. The eyes and folds around the face and tail should be cleaned daily. The English bulldog can suffer from genetic and congenital abnormalities, so constant examinations with the veterinarian are indicated.

This breed cannot properly metabolize excess salt, condiments and fats, which can overload the liver and kidneys. The English bulldog Food must be chosen perfectly, offered according to the quantity indicated on the packaging. During the first months the dog should be fed three times a day at the same time. Due to its sensitive skin and intestines, the English bulldog should not be fed with leftover food or left thirsty. Always offer fresh water, and keep the bowls clean to avoid proliferation of microorganisms. It is likely that the water bowl will have to be cleaned with warm water and soap several times a day, because when they drink, these dogs leave saliva residue in the container.

He is prone to over-weight –

From 12 months onwards the dog is considered an adult, and can feed twice a day. Another common factor is the tendency to obesity, because the breed is insatiable. Due to the difficulty in training, it is common for tutors to offer many snacks to the English bulldog as a reward. Due to the short coat and sensitive skin, the English bulldog can present several types of dermatitis. Finally, the English bulldog is considered elderly from 7 years of age onwards, and the premium quality dog food contains the action of chondroitin sulfates and glucosamine that contributes to healthy joints, essential for the English bulldog that can present problems in the bones. The dog’s body metabolizes food in a rudimentary way, and sometimes even deficient. The best feed for English bulldog that suffers from kidney and liver overload must be given food with low phosphorus content, and with reduced copper.

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