Here are the Best Places in India to Get Your Pet Supplies From

Online pet stores are turning into an expanding fever in India. As one stop shops for all your pet’s needs, these stores offer everything identified with pets going from edibles, wearables, collars to enhancements and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. We have gathered a rundown of top pet supplies stores in India to purchase pet items. While you can likewise get pet supplies at Amazon and Flipkart, we have kept them out of the rundown as they give no direction to pet owners in picking the correct item and serve more extensive kinds, not simply pets alone. We leave it upon the voters to cast a ballot and choose which of these specialty stores work the best and on the off chance that they can satisfy the desires for Indian pet owners.

  1. Heads Up for Tails

They sell extravagance pet items in India and USA. Their principle USP is the quantity of customizations they give over their item range. You can discover customized dog collars, beds and sway labels for your pup from their store. If you are in Delhi, head up to the Heads Up for Tails Saket, outlet housed by the Select Citywalk Mall, for a great pet shopping experience along with assistance.

  1. Loyal Petzone

One of the more up to date online stores, they are based out of Calcutta. One of their USPs is that you can avail free same day to one-day deliver to anyplace in Kolkata if you purchase from their shop. You can locate a wide assortment of dog and cat feed and embellishments in their store. Visit them at

  1. Shakehands

Based out of Mumbai, you can purchase well-known brands of dog nourishment, embellishments, and collars in their store. For purchasers in or around Mumbai, conveyance time is really snappy. Visit to look at their online store.

  1. Dog Spot

You can locate a wide scope of pet treats and embellishments from their online store. They additionally give free pet care service which can be quite helpful to dog owners in the midst of any problems. You can likewise allude to different veterinary emergency clinics from their site spread across India. Visit them at

  1. Pet Shop

Not simply pet nourishment, you can discover numerous varieties of dog toys, shoes and wearable’s in their store. Not only for dog and cat owners, have they additionally catered to the requirements of fish and little creature owners. Visit their store at

  1. Pet Shop India

One of the most established online pet stores in India, at Petshopindia(serving since 2002), one can discover a curated scope of pet wearable’s, feed, and embellishments at their online store at

  1. Marshall’s Pet Zone

Based out of Visakhapatnam, they work connected at the hip with Amazon. You can shop in their store by means of Amazon wallet; profit cashback offers and get orders satisfied by amazon conveyed to your doorstep. They additionally have disconnected stores in Vizag.

  1. Pupkart

Based out of Gurgaon, pupkart was the brainchild of Rahul Agarwal and LokeshKataria who are pet owners themselves. You can shop for a variety of pet adornments at their online store.

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