Can American Black Bear Kill American Alligator in fight?

The American black bear is the one, which is a mid – sized native bear in North America. They are the smallest in size and they are also the most common species of bear that is found in that region. You will find them mostly in large forest areas and being omnivores, their diet keeps on changing and it mostly depends on the location they are residing as well as the season also plays an important role in the food habit of American Black Bear.

The American Alligator, on the other hand, is the reptile prevalent in the South Eastern United States only. They are also known as gator colloquially. There are two species of alligator found and this American Alligator is one of them.

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They prefer wetlands, but the most frightening thing is that it very often than not overlaps the areas where there is a human population as well. They are large and slightly round with huge thick limbs along with a powerful tail. Their tail often possesses to be a great challenge for other predators as well.

American Black bear vs American Alligator – the strongest one?

The American bear is said to eat up the eggs of the alligator when the alligators would have been defending their nests, be it in deep waters or shallow waters. The alligators try to defend their eggs from the bears as well as humans.

The bear doesn’t leave a single egg when it visits the nest of the alligator; instead they consume all the eggs in there. It not only eats the eggs of the alligator, but being omnivores, it also indulges in roots, meat, berries, grass, insects, elk, deer, moose and various other young hoofed animals. The bears weigh around 550 lbs maximum whereas the female ones weigh around 370 lbs only.

Now if you talk about the American alligator, especially the adult one, then you will see that they are dark grey in colour or you can also say completely black at times. To get into the camouflage, they use the stripes that they have on their body during young age, but as they grow old, they lose this feature of theirs.

The adult body of the alligator will weigh around 800lb with some exception where the male exceeds the weight of 1000 lbs. For the aquatic propulsion, they use their tail and the length of the tail is half the size of the alligator.

The American alligator uses their tail as a lethal weapon, if they feel that their survival is at stake. They can defend themselves with the tail whenever they feel threatened by the predator. Though they are very slow in moving on land, but the same alligator catches up speed when they are in the water.

I have seen them fighting with Anaconda and Pythons. As we have very little population of Pythons in Florida, The war between them is always dangerous, The fight totally depends on size of the reptile, if Python is small just like Ball Python and alligator is large then Alligator is winner but if Python is as big as Burmese python then alligator will be on losing side.

The final face off- American Black Bear vs American Alligator

Though the alligator seems to be a strong contender, but if there is a fight, then you will find that the American Black Bear will steal the show with its strong claws. Their claws are meant to tear apart the clogs, so you can very well judge the power of those claws.

The alligator if it challenges the bear on land, then it will have a hard time defeating the bear. The bear will be able to get the best out of the alligator and in case the alligator tries to roll over to free itself from the claws of the bear, then it will be exposing its soft underbelly to the bear. It will just tear it apart with its strong claws and kill the alligator in no time.

I hope the above info on Black bear and alligator would help you.

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