Can you put a litter box in a cat crate?

We all know that taking a cat on the road is usually slightly of a hassle. Albeit it’s just a quick ride to the vet, conventional cramped and rigid cat carriers as to how for transportation are often very uncomfortable for your cat. To not mention that they’ll be equally difficult for you to carry or store away. Behold, you’ve some great portable cat carrier options which will make traveling alongside your cat as easy as can be!

How to Travel With a Cat?

The first step in ensuring a problem-free experience is to possess your cats won’t to her carrier beforehand. Cats are often carrier-trained to possess an honest relationship with their carriers through your encouragement involving positive reinforcements, an easy-going attitude, and a touch of patience. Once you’ve established a positive engagement with the cat carrier with a litter box, you’ll specialize in the specifics of the trip and pack the required items with you

What to think about when buying a Cat Carrier with a Litter Box?

This article has briefly mentioned above 3 essential criteria when evaluating cat carrier options: size, practicality, and safety. While these cover the fundamentals, they will be extended to hide additional functions that you simply may prefer to search for in your look for the perfect cat carrier!


  • Spacious: While a carrier should be large enough to accommodate your cat comfortably, it is often larger still so that there’s room for extra movement and things like her litter tray. Some travel crates – which you’ve seen above in our selection – are expandable from both ends, which provides your cat extra room when the crate is about down. 
  • Comfortable: You should also make sure to get one that is appropriate for your cat’s size. For instance, standard crates may not provide enough room for large breeds such as a Maine Coon. You are even recommended in getting a very large crate even if your cat is relatively small-sized. It can’t hurt to have more room.


  • Easy to hold: The carrying handles and straps should be comfortable for you to carry securely.
  • Easy to store away: While the dimensions of the carrier should be large, having a collapsible one can help tons on your side. This way, you’ll store away the carrier in your car or reception quite easily.
  • Easy to place: Some travel crates are compatible with car seats; they will be buckled up easily to make sure that the crate stays in situ.
  • Easy to wash: the fabric of the carrier should be easy to clean and sturdy to cleaning often.


  • Ventilation: Good ventilation is vital for your cat’s comfort and health. Since there’ll be a litter box up the crate together with her, it’s paramount that the crate has sufficient airflow. This may hinder the build-up of odors inside the crate. 
  • Durable: the fabric should be ready to endure your cat’s movements while she’s in there, like scratching or biting. The straps and seams should be strong to avoid any tears when being carried around with a load of your cat. If there are any unnoticed tears or broken parts, this might cause spontaneous problems – like your cat tearing it further and breaking out of it unexpectedly.

Last Words:

Yes, traveling together with your cat can become a nightmare — but it doesn’t have to! The key lies in getting an honest, spacious, comfortable carrier, and if it’s an extended trip, a practical portable litter tray that she will use easily. These two can often go together, creating a comfortable temporary dwelling for your kitty on extended trips. Cats can get won’t too many things if you’ll manage to form it a positive experience for them. So having her during a comfortable setting, keeping her environment safe, clean, and tranquil, also offering her many fun distractions will yield the simplest results. Investing in a good, comfy travel crate and a transportable litter tray will benefit both of you tremendously because believe it — if you’ll get your cat to enjoy these activities, you’ll get to try to more of them within the future!


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