The Cat Trees And the Usages for your Cats

There is a wide choice of cat trees, both in size and design. They make it possible to enrich the environment of your animal and sometimes even, they are able to embellish your interior. It is a little extra for the master in the small apartment.

Why Is A Cat Tree Essential?

Like humans, cats need an environment in which to flourish and find their marks. This is even more true in cats living in apartments. They will tend to mark their territory by making their claws and by appropriating spaces which are also yours. The cat tree is essential to offer it its own territory.

These little hunters that are our felines need to work out. That’s why playing, jumping and climbing are their favorite pastimes. If he does not have outside access to satisfy his instincts, the cat tree remains the most effective way for your animal to have the feeling of mastering its territory.

His cat tree is also likely to become his favorite bed. Perched on a platform, he will feel more secure. It is also common for fearful and shy cats to feel more relaxed with the arrival of this new piece of furniture dedicated to them.

Which Size To Choose?

The choice of size depends on your cat, your interior design and your budget (anchor). It can also depend on the age of your cat. From a certain age, it will be more difficult for him to climb to the top in the small apartment.

You have several cats: It is very likely that they use the same cat tree. If possible, opt for a cat tree that is no less than 1.50m tall. There are XXL cat trees.

You only have one cat: A tree 1.50m or less with hammock-type sleeping arrangements is sufficient for a single cat.

If you don’t have room for a large cat tree, there are some very simple solutions: securely attach shelves to the wall and build a new playground for your pet! If not, fix the tree a cat on a piece of furniture to make it gain in height.

Good to know: for a large cat tree, make sure the stability of the soil on which it will be placed. He must be able to resist the assaults of your animal.

What Shape To Choose?

The shape depends on both your tastes and the needs of your feline. A multitude of shapes allow you to combine design and playfulness. Some cat trees are furnished with various accessories, platform, hammock, scratching posts, hiding place. The largest are not always the most supplied with accessories.

Design cat trees in the small apartment are more and more popular with cat owners who want to include it as a decorative element. Generally minimalist, it is the luxury cat tree that also knows how to be robust! There are many models that combine different materials such as wicker or metal.

What Use For My Cat Tree?

Would you like to direct your cat to a space dedicated to its claws, or a high play space? Obviously, it is possible to combine the two. However, you can choose a claw tower rather than a tree if your cat happily sharpens its claws on your furniture and your goal is simply to divert it.

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