What to Consider When Choosing Toys for Your Dogs?

If you are a fur parent, you know very well that dogs love to play. Fortunately, there are plenty of dog toys to choose from. However, not all dog toys you can find in stores are suitable for your dogs. To help you narrow down your choice, here are some of the things to consider:

  • Age – The dog’s age is one crucial factor in determining the right toys. Puppies have baby teeth, and the best toys for them are plush, snugly fabrics and those made from soft rubber. Avoid toys made from hard rubber, at least until they pass on the teething phase. When they are already in the adult phase, you can start giving them toys made from hard rubber. However, if you have a senior dog, you have to provide the dog with softer toys to chew on as its teeth and jaw are not as more robust as before.
  • Size and texture – For small breeds like Yorkie, choose toys that are more forgiving clenched in a small jaw. When it comes to texture, too soft toys are susceptible to breaking, increasing the possibility of choking. If the toys’ pieces are ingested, they could block the gastrointestinal tract leading to more serious problems.
  • Materials – When it comes to choosing dog toys, you have to choose the one that is made from safe materials. It is essential as some toys, especially the cheap ones, contain toxic substances, which can be very harmful to your dogs.

For your beloved Yorkie, try to purchase a multifunctional Carrot Rope ToyIt will surely catch the attention of your little fur darling. A rope toy can bring out your dog’s playful side, especially when playing tug of war with other dogs or with his favorite person.

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