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Adopting a puppy or dog is a thoughtful act that requires taking into account a multitude of factors. This is why it is important to ask the right questions. Does the puppy we are going to adopt match me? Are we ready to commit to the long term? Do my finances allow it? Will we have enough time to spend with my dog? What would we do with my dog ​​during the holidays? etc.

Through this article, you will find different tips and steps to properly prepare for the arrival of your new furry ball. You can now buy puppies with bad credit also.

Preparations before adopting your puppy

Before your puppy arrives, it is important to prepare the ground so that it can integrate more easily into its new home. In this way you will be able to facilitate “insertion” within his new house to make him more comfortable and happy in this environment that he does not know.

Obligatory objects before the arrival of the dog:

The bowl of water and the croquettes

You should know that a puppy, by his youth and his passion, will tend to do some nonsense. To limit breakage, it is preferable to opt for water and stainless steel or ceramic food bowls with a weighted bottom. By choosing these materials, you will have less chance of finding them shredded. Yes, a puppy needs to bite his teeth, and anything that can fall under his jaw is a good tool for getting his teeth. Be aware, moreover, that the marks left by your dog in these bowls can be nests for bacteria. And by opting for bowls in this type of material (stainless steel, ceramic), you will limit the risks of seeing the bowls overturned by accident.

Objects to chew

As said before, the puppy needs to teething. This is why he will have a tendency to chew anything that falls under his fangs. By being careful and avoid seeing your furniture, sofas, slippers, etc. end up in an uncertain state, choose a few chew toys for your puppy .

To choose the right toy for your dog, just take a few precautions. Be careful that the toy is not toxic to him that is resistant and durable (because your dog will make him see all the colors), that it is also a little bulky to avoid the risks of suffocation or strangulation.

Toys suitable for puppies

Dog brands do not lack imagination to design toys for your puppies. It can therefore happen to you that you are quickly overwhelmed by all these games. Choose from the large families of toys such as balls, frisbees, tugs (or pull toys), reportables, chew toys, etc.

  • Make your own tug leash, double use for your puppy.
  • Make your own tug leash. A double utility for your puppy when you walk him.

Generally, all are designed for the well-being of the dog. After, your choice will be based on the breed of your puppy , his behavior and the education you want to instill in him. But the toy remains mainly for the amusement and the occupation of your pet. 

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