How to Help a New Cat Adjust in Your Home

Unlike other pets, cats find it difficult to adjust to their new surroundings. Cats get very attached to their surroundings and hence, moving into a new home or environment can be stressful for them. Hence, as part of your cat care, you should make sure that you take care while introducing your cat to a new home or environment. Here are some ways in which you can help your cat adjust to your home.

Introduce your Cat to its Surrounding

While getting a cat to your home make sure that you do not introduce it to every room and corner immediately. Doing so can confuse and scare the cat. Hence, introduce it to one room at a time so that your cat feels safe. Make sure that the space that you are giving your cat is secure and no one else can intrude. Cats do not like it when their space is being intruded leading to adjustment issues. 

Keep All Familiar Things Around your Cat

When you bring a cat at home, you should get all the things that are familiar such as a bed, blankets, scratch posts, etc. Keeping them will make your cat feel safe and secure. Cats have a very sensitive nose and hence, they can quickly smell the safe corner or area of the house. Keeping familiar things in the house helps them bring comfort to them when they feel stressed. 

Do Not Pet the Cat Immediately

Cats do not like to be petted by strangers. So, before you start petting your cat, let your cat get familiar with you. Let it watch you around your house for a while. This may take a week or so before your cat is ready to let you pet it. By giving their space and time, the cats are reassured that you do not intend to harm them.

Giving the Right Nutrients

Just like any other pet, a cat also needs the right amount of nutrients. Hence, make sure that you are choosing the best cat food for your pet. If you are giving the food that your cat likes, then it will surely enjoy the food and eat well. This will also help in ensuring that your cat is being well-fed and taken care of. 

Introducing to Other Animals

If you have any other pet at your home, then make sure that you introduce your cat to the pet. Though the animals may not connect immediately, it will help your cat to understand that the other pet is its friend. You may find the first few weeks stressful and frustrating as your cat may not want to be friendly with your other pet. But be patient and give some time for your cat to adjust well. 

Do Not Be Strict or Yell at your Cat

Your cat can be stubborn and may stick to its space for a while. So, give it some time and avoid being strict with or yell at your cat. Yelling can make the cat feel insecure and unfriendly. Once the cat is adjusted to its new environment, it will become friendly. 

Give some time to your cat to adjust to its new surroundings and to start trusted the animals and people around it. 


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