How can catnip benefit your feline friend?

Have you heard about catnip? Catnip is catmint, a kind of aromatic herb, and is irresistible to cats. Simply the smell of this herb can excite your furry friend. Although a recreational tool for cats, catnip has therapeutic effects when combined with CBD or cannabidiol. We will let you know the benefits of catnips for cats and give advices on how to use catnips. For many cat owners, busting boredom of their feline friend is a real issue and hence they notice shattered knick knacks and scratched furniture. With catnip, you can certainly draw the attention of your pet and prevent it from indulging in such activities.

Catnip herb is also known as Nepeta Cataria and grows almost 3 feet high. The chemical, namely, Nepetalactone, affects the cat behavior. It acts as a stimulant to make the cat more active. The result of consuming catnip is often sedative. Under its influence, a cat can roll around, turn over and run here and there to depict hyperactivity. Apart from this, it also makes a feline creature happy and relaxed. If you want your cat to play and be in motion, catnip works wonders. It can get your cat moving all around, dart across the area and move with great energy.

How to introduce it?

So, you are excited about introducing catnip for your feline friend. Kitty Reef Catnip sells catnip in Etsy, and is slowly and steadily expanding. What you can expect from the brand is original catnip blend for the pooch. Each product is organic, free of pesticides and non gmo, hand packed for freshness and longevity. You may buy Bedtime Bliss Blend, Outdoor Inspiration- Kitty Reef Organic Catnip, Giggle Grass Organic Catnip, Munchie Miracle- Organic Catnip Blend, Cupid’s Kiss Catnip, Original Catnip and lots of other catnips. The site also has organic grass for cats ready to consume. Apart from directly offering catnip by way of blends, you may introduce certain toys comprising catnips. You may take the herb and sprinkle that around the cat. This will prevent the cat from feeling lazy while making it active and energetic. Offer it dry or fresh, the choice is yours.  So, use it as a training aid or to simply prevent the cat from clawing your furniture, the choice is yours.

How to use catnip?

Catnip is an outstanding way to enrich the routine of your cat while you must also be cautious how much you expose the feline creature to it. Get in touch with a pet vet to learn how to use catnip. Nevertheless, catnip is a revitalizing and distinct treat for the pet which enhances the playtime and also supplies a screen of pet activity to watch. When it comes to the effect of catnip, one out of two cats is influenced by it. However, it is unlikely that it causes an overdose.

 You may also provide catnip toys if you want. It will act as enrichment for your indoor kitty. It is safe to use and is non-addictive. Kitty Reef Catnip products are unique and fresh for it is a high-end company supplying only the best products.

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