How to Properly Bathe Your Dog?

Everyone gets impressed by a well-groomed person and the same goes with dogs. You must bathe your dog regularly with proper hygienic bathing practices. After a muddy play session, a bath is a must to keep your dog clean and free of parasites.

Before bathing your dog you must know that there are two types of dogs, one that enjoys bathing, and then there are dogs that are afraid of water and hate a bath. You should identify to which kind your dog belongs.

Generally, it is advised to bathe your dog once a week. Bathing daily will strip off the essential oils from the skin of your dog and not bathing your dog for a longer period can result in itches, parasites, and foul smell. Follow these steps to make your dog’s bath experience blissful.

Steps to a Clean Bath

  1. Collect all the equipment that you will need, dog shampoo that isn’t harsh on the skin, dog brush, towels, nonskid rubber mat to avoid slipping.
  2. Selecting a proper place according to the size and available facilities. Small dogs can be bathed in a sink but for larger dogs, you need a tub. Hydrophobic dogs should be bathed in open spaces.
  3. Brush your dog before the bath to avoid hair tangling and get rid of loose fur.
  4. The water shouldn’t be too hot or too cold. Lukewarm water is best and the tub should be filled only till knees.
  5. You can wet your dog with a handheld shower or a cup whatever suits you best.
  6. After wetting the coat apply shampoo in adequate quantity and lather up your dog. Make sure that the latter doesn’t get in the eyes and ears.
  7. Carefully rinse your dog and rinse every part of the body.
  8. Use a towel to completely dry your dog and wrap them up for some time.
  9. Don’t just let your dog run away after a bath, a slightly damped dog can roll in the dirt and get dirty again. Thus it is necessary to make sure that your dog is completely dried.
  10. After a bath you should reward your dog with treats. This positively reinforces the bathing experience in the mind of your dog.
  11. Groom your dog with a brush and then your handsome buddy is ready.

Following all these steps will ensure a proper hygienic bath.


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