Hydrotherapy Helps with Humans, Horses and Now Dogs and Smaller Animals

It has become the norm for therapy of dogs after surgery or with serious injuries to have physical therapy in hydrotherapy swimming pools. This form of therapy has been used for years with people as well as athletes who have been using this water therapy for rehabilitation. This therapy has now become the newest form of therapy for dogs and some other animals. You can find dog hydrotherapy Corby if you have an animal that has been seriously injured. 

Shorter rehabilitation

Water therapy makes rehabilitation not quite as long and because of the buoyancy of the water takes the stress off joints or areas that have been injured. This is a more comfortable environment for a dog to be relaxed and to get more out of any of the therapy that is needed. It also reduces pressure on joints, soothing aches and pains and reduces fatigue as well as help with balance. 

Water therapy is successful

It is known that water therapy to be successful depends on water quality to keep the underwater treadmill system in the custom pool to operate at full capacity. That is why trained installers include a start-up kit with each United States delivered a system to get it up and running in the best condition. Additionally, trained installers finish by taking the entire staff through total training of the system. This allows the values of buoyancy, relative density, surface tension, hydrostatic pressure, viscosity, and resistance all work together to achieve its best therapeutic benefits in a safe environment.

Used for years

This type of therapy has been used for years for humans dealing with arthritis or weight issues which can all be painful, frustrating and causes fear. But with aquatic exercise, patients experience the benefits of water almost immediately. For older patients, it reduces the fear of falling and increasing mental outlook. This is the same effect that hydrotherapy has on dogs in water therapy. 


Of any industry, horse owners, trainers, and managers have understood for years the benefits of water when handling their high-end performance horses. The unique aspect for both horses as well as dogs is that the warm, hot and cold water is healing for many purposes. For both, the water reduces the animal’s body weight for less stress on joints, bones, ligaments, and tendons. Exercising in water brings back stamina, strength, and endurance while the animal is healing. 


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