How to Keep Your cat Happy and Entertained

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Although cats spend most of their day sleeping, they have, despite everything, the urge and especially the need to have fun. Without such daily activity, they can be subject to significant weight gain. Cat toys, especially those offered, allow small cats to spend themselves without counting and thus keep the line and health. In addition, fun plays a major role in the education and socialization of your little companion. Helping to strengthen the emotional ties between the master and the animal, the game promotes the development of your cat and keeps his joy intact.

Cat toy: stir up your five senses

Cats can be very difficult in front of a new toy without much reason. In order to maximize the chances that your little companion is having fun with, it is best to play with his five senses. First, avoid noisy objects that could scare and stress your pet. Play on his sense of smell also by perfuming his toys with a catnip spray. The taste can also have an important role. Rather than a toy as such, you can offer, for example, from time to time, a pitted olive to your cat so that he plays, then enjoy with. As for the touch, your little companion will love fur or toys on which he can make his claws. Finally, you should know that felines do not distinguish all colors in the same way. This is why we must favor brightly colored cat toys, such as green or blue.

Cat toys to fight against weight gain

Indoor cats are subject to weight gain if they do not exercise on a daily basis. In order to allow your little companion to keep the line, give preference to cat toys that allow him to work out. Colorful balls, mice with catnip, fishing rods so many games that he can have fun for hours without getting tired. Do not hesitate to buy several copies of each so that your pet can pass from one to the other when he wants.

Help your pet scratch with adapted cat toys

Cats are well known to have a tendency to scratch anywhere. Chests of drawers, sofas, carpets, tapestries, so many objects are there that your little friend loves to slash. That is why it is important to buy cat toys like the cat trees on which your pet will enjoy making his claws. You can opt for a simple scratching post containing catnip, or prefer a cat tree containing tunnels, platforms and scratching areas. If your companion sulks such accessories and continues to damage your furniture, do not hesitate to use cat grass sprays.
Cat toy: think of system D

For fun, your favorite little ball of hair sometimes needs not much. A cardboard placed on the ground, a string hanging, an old rag, many everyday objects with which your pet is likely to have fun for hours. Rather than buying expensive cat toys, you can make your own games.


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