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During the research to make this publication, we found several problems in the relationship between cats and their owners. Several of them are related to the wrong choice of a kitten. Most people do not bother to carry out detailed research and end up choosing the cat because of the beauty of the breed or simply because they identified with it. Although it seems crazy, people forget that this kitten will grow and sometimes much more than they imagined, so this reason for joy ends upbringing conflicts for both.

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The size that the animal will be as an adult

Remember to research the kitten’s breed and determine its adult size; most people choose a breed that their family and environment are not prepared to receive.

Size of the area it will stay

It would help if you never had a cat confined to confined in small spaces, as this will undoubtedly create stress for both of you. Animals will accumulate energy, and they often end up taking it out on furniture and objects. Choose the Persian cat for sale also.

Respect your cat’s physical characteristics

You must know your future cat’s limitations and characteristics. For example, never buy a French Bullet to have a companion in your morning runs. Cats of this breed have short snouts and present a huge difficulty for this type of exercise.

Cats are not present

Many people have a habit of giving someone a cat, think that the decision to have a cat goes much more than just picking it up and putting it inside the house. It is essential that the subject is discussed in the family and that the arrival of a new member is really to add positive things.

Having a cat will bring you new expenses

It would be best if you kept in mind that you have expenses and that they are not low. Remember that you need quality feed, vaccinate, deworm, carry out periodic veterinary visits, in addition to possible emergency expenses. Go for the Persian kittens for sale also.

Need for tours

Physical exercise is essential for the quality of life of every cat. Whatever the size and breed, they need regular walks. During these walks, the cat gains the quality of life and socializing with other people and animals.

Watch cats are not intolerant

When looking for a cat to perform this role, you should always look for a responsible and qualified handler. The training of this type when it is poorly done is hazardous, putting the life of your family and the animal itself at risk.

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