Why You Need To Get Your Pet A Portrait

Are you looking to get a pet portrait for your home? We have a few reasons why you should get one. There is nothing more than having a few pieces of decor hanging in your home. 

But the kind of portraits that have grown in popularity over the years has been pet portraits. We love our pets so much. And we have a ton of pictures of them. 

Plus, we tend to take some silly pictures that can draw a ton of laughs on social media. But what if you took it one step further? You can custom order your pet portrait so your fur kids can be added to your wall and trigger quite the conversation about where someone can get a portrait of their pets. 

With that said, here are # reasons why you should get a pet portrait for your home:

  1. They’re part of the family too

Your pets are family members. It wouldn’t be fair to just have pictures of your loved ones and friends hanging on the wall, right? If anything, we tend to love our pets more than other humans (that can’t be true enough). 

No matter what size portrait you get, you want to be proud of who you call family. Plus, it might be a good idea to make some room on a spare wall that might be dedicated to your furry family member. Well, some pet lovers do that anyways. 

  1. They can be immortalized forever

Portraits can certainly last a long time. Even after our pets are long gone, the memories live on. A portrait of your pet will bring back memories and stories about them.

It’s all about the great moments in their life that makes us laugh, cry, and ponder. If you want your pets to “live forever”, there is no better way than getting a portrait of them in their honor. They can still be present, even when they are not physically. 

  1. To show off your sense of humor

There are plenty of different pre-made portraits that you can get online. Each of them is based on famous art paintings like the American Gothic by Grant Wood and others. Imagine replacing the original faces with your dog’s face. 

Not only will that be hilarious to your houseguests, but it can also make you laugh every time you walk past it. You can get these kinds of portraits for one pet or multiple pets. It can definitely show off your sense of humor while letting people know that when it comes to having pets, they are a whole lot of fun. 

  1. It captures their personality

Every pet has a personality that has magnetically attracted them to you. And you want to capture that in one shot. You can take a picture of your pet and be able to upload it online so it can be featured in a much larger form.

You might have a happy go lucky dog who has a smile that is infectious. Or you may have a cat who might be standoffish, but very intriguing. Either way, a portrait is a perfect thing to have when you have a cat or dog who is animated and is not afraid to show a side of themselves that even you appreciate. 

  1. Use it for a good cause

Maybe you are an animal lover that stands for causes like pet adoption or stopping animal cruelty. You may honor the pet you love most (whether they are living or have passed) and use their portrait as the face and namesake of your personal cause. There are many people who have started foundations and causes in honor of their pets. 

And their portraits can appear on a website or on brochures. You can even get a portrait of an animal that you have adopted through the ASPCA or other organizations as a way to honor them. If you are someone who holds animals near and dear to your heart, get a portrait of them even if they are not pets of your own. 

Final Thoughts

Your pet needs a portrait and there are five good reasons why. You may get one as home decor or as something to honor and remember them for all the good times you’ve had with them. Either way, they are worth every penny.

It also gives that special personalized touch that you’d never find in any kind of artwork. Plus, it may take a long time to get an old school portrait done. Thanks to modern-day technology, you can be able to upload a photo or two of your pets and have a special portrait done for you. 

Get a pet portrait for yourself or a gift for someone that appreciates their pets. Before you know it, people will wonder where you’d been getting them. 

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