Puppy Tips for First-Time Dog Owners

10 Tips for First-Time Dog Owners

Congrats! You are getting a puppy. Dogs bring joy and responsibility to owners around the world. You are about to embark on a journey with your new best friend. However, before you take your puppy home it is important to have plans in place to lay the foundation for a successful dog ownership journey.

Basic Needs

It sounds simple, but dogs need the proper tools and supports at home to promote growth and happiness. Make sure you have food and water bowls, puppy blankets, dog food, and simple bones and toys ready before your dog arrives home. Connect with a local vet to reserve an appointment for the first week you get your puppy. Even if your dog’s breeder or shelter provides shot records it is always important to conduct an initial puppy health examination. Also think about how you plan to potty train your dog and obtain the proper supports necessary, such as a potty training bell or dog clicker.

Sleeping Arrangements

Before you bring your furry friend home it is important to have a sleeping plan in place. Set the tone from night one regarding your sleeping rules. If you feel comfortable with your puppy sleeping on your bed both now and in the future as an adult dog, then allow your furry friend to start that habit beginning night one. However, if you want your pet to sleep in crate, cage, or designated space, it is crucial to enforce that during their first night’s sleeps. Additionally, think about where your pet will stay during the day, whether it be inside or in an enclosed outdoor area, such as animal kennels glen allen va. If your dog is more anxious, consider leaving them in a designated area inside that is free from valuables that may be eaten, torn, or destroyed. Great ideas include back halls, bathrooms, and mud rooms.

Exercise Routines

Finally, have a puppy exercise plan in place. If you work full time, strategize how a friend or professional dog walker can visit your puppy during the day to provide bathroom breaks and exercise for the dog. Buy a proper leash and harness to train your puppy proper leash walking from day one.


Enjoy your new puppy! 



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