Questions to ask a car accident attorney in Houston 

Following a car accident, you may end up with medical bills, physical pain, mental agony, and huge financial losses. Texas is an at-fault state, so if the other driver was responsible for the accident, you may have the scope to seek settlement. Talking to a Houston car accident attorney can be immensely helpful in understanding your options. Below are some questions you must ask when meeting an attorney – 

  • What do you think of my claim?

Just because you believe something about the accident, it doesn’t have to be true. To get a settlement, you have to prove two things – The other party was responsible for the accident, and you were injured because of that accident. Your lawyer can help you in understanding whether you have a case in the first place, and if you do, they can suggest a fair settlement amount. 

  • Have you worked on similar cases?

Not all personal injury lawyers specialize in car accident cases, so experience is a vital factor here. Ask the attorney if they have handled similar claims, and the outcomes of those cases. You may also want to know if the lawyer has handled car accident lawsuits in court. Most personal injury lawsuits in Texas are resolved through negotiations, but there are always exceptions. You need an attorney, who can succeed, no matter the circumstances and possibilities. 

  • Will you work on a contingency fee?

When it comes to car accident claims and lawsuits, attorneys may consider working on a contingency basis. In this kind of arrangement, the lawyer will only ask for a fee, if they win. So, how much does it cost to hire a car accident in Houston? That depends on many factors, including the complications of the case and expertise of the lawyer. Experienced attorneys can charge more than their colleagues, but typically, the amount is no more than 40% of the settlement received. 

Avoid the complications

A good car accident attorney can ensure that your interests are protected. If you had minor share of fault, you can still file for compensation in Texas, as it follows the “modified comparative fault” rule. However, the other party may try to blame or frame you for the accident. A lawyer can work to avoid such outcomes, and they can also ensure that the investigation remains fair and unbiased. 

The statute of limitations in Texas only allows two years to file such lawsuits in case of car accidents. The count starts from the date of accident, so don’t delay in hiring an attorney. 

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