3 Ways to Help Your Pet Age Comfortably

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As your pets get older, you want to help them continue to live happily and protect them against the ways in which aging can cause them to experience pain or discomfort. Here are three simple but effective ways that you can help your aging pet.

  1. Address Joint Pain Naturally

Just like people, pets will suffer joint deterioration as they age. A pet’s mobility may suffer as a result of arthritis, other breakdowns in cartilage, and bone density problems that can occur in hips, legs, and paws. Organic CBD oil for pets is an all-natural topical pain reliever that can help to treat joint pain and inflammation. A product that’s specially formulated for pets will be safe if your pet happens to lick it. In contrast, other types of topical pain relievers that are made for people such as lidocaine aren’t safe for pets. A product formulated with CBD generally doesn’t contain THC and won’t have negative sensory effects on your pet. Ultimately, soothing aches and pains will help your pet to stay more active and also rest more comfortably.

  1. Get Your Pet an Orthopedic Bed

If you haven’t replaced your pet’s favorite bed in years, you may need to think about an upgrade. Just like mattresses, pets’ beds wear over time and stop offering optimal support. The best option for an aging pet is a bed that offers orthopedic support. Soft but supportive materials such as memory foam and smartly structured beds that minimize joint pressure such as textured or crate-like designs can help your pet get some relief from joint pain and relax in comfort.

  1. Give Your Pet Stairs or a Ramp

Pets who like to hang out with their owners on the couch or in bed may need some help getting there as they get on in years. Jumps up are more difficult, and jumps down can cause pain on impact to sore joints. Get your best pal a ramp or stairs that will make navigating high surfaces easy so that he or she can still have access to his or her favorite spot close to you.

If you’re concerned that aging may cause your pet’s quality of life to depreciate, you should take action to help. Your pet is like your family, and all pet owners can make a concerted effort to return the love and affection that their pets have given them over the years by treating them with exquisite kindness and care when they need it most.


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