Rehab for your dog? Let’s learn more!


Your pup is a part of your family. If you were to start walking with a limp, slowing down with age, or have to recover from a major injury, you’d have to go to physical therapy — so why shouldn’t your dog? 

If your pup is suffering from any of those symptoms, or even from intervertebral disc disease, they don’t have to suffer in silence. There are treatment therapies that can help your pup live a vibrant, happy life! With Dog IVDD Boulder treatments, their quality of life can be extended and their pain can be managed. Let’s learn more about what some of those treatments might look like: 

Laser Therapy

Similar to how your muscles can be helped with a massage or acupuncture, the same goes for your dog after a session or two of laser therapy! According to the American Animal Hospital Associaton, pet laser therapy is a safe option for helping out a four-legged friend that is suffering from arthritis, recovering from surgery, or even with assisting pets with limited medical care options. For example, if your pet can’t ingest medications, it might just be easier to treat their pain through non-invasive laser therapy! 

Underwater Treadmill Therapy

We’ve all seen those videos of cute pets walking on treadmills — but did you ever wonder why they were doing so? According to DVM360, underwater treadmill therapy is a great option for any pets with mobility issues or the need to lose weight. The warm water of the treadmill area can soothe and relax your pup and their sore muscles, and the buoyancy of the water can help them feel more comfortable as they take their steps. The resistance of the water will help your pup to build muscle as well! Your favorite athletes train underwater — so why shouldn’t your dog? 

Vibration Plate Therapy

Many chiropractors offices offer vibration plates for humans, but did you know there are dog-sized ones too? These vibration plates are a perfect pair with a pup in need of muscle stimulation. They’re an advanced option for any pups, like this one, in need of advanced healthcare treatment. If your pup isn’t seeming like their usual, bouncy self, or if they seem to be weak, consider scheduling some vibration plate therapy in their immediate future! 

There are so many therapy options out there for your pup! Best of luck as you find the one that works best for you and your four-legged friend. 

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