The Benefits and Drawbacks of Dog Boarding at Home vs Kennels

Traditionally, when individuals went on vacation, they would leave their dog at a kennel, but home dog boarding has become popular in recent years. This kennel-free alternative is a popular choice these days because it gives owners complete peace of mind that their dog will be treated as if they were at the house with all of the attention they deserve. The advantages and disadvantages of home dog boarding such as pet boarding Sydney are as follows:

  • Home away from home surroundings: your pet will be looked for and loved by an experienced and skilled pet sitter who will pamper them as if they were their own. Your dog will have a fun and exciting stay, and most importantly, he will be safe and happy.
  • A professional dog walker will care for your dog on at least two daily walks, either as part of a group or alone. Unless permission is provided, dogs will be kept on a leash.
  • Your dog will always be with a qualified dog minder at the pet sitter’s home dog boarding, so you can rest sure that they will be in excellent hands.
  • Feeding, walking, treatment, and overnight habits for your dog will be followed just as they are at home.
  • Most pet sitters provide a free first consultation during which you can tour the residence and meet any resident canines.

The disadvantages of boarding your dog at your house

 Disease exposure: Most home dog boarding facilities, but not all, require your dogs to be vaccinated before they arrive. Ensure that your dog’s vaccines and flea treatment are up to date.

  • Cost: In-home dog boarding may be expensive. Since having a family or friends member come by to check on your dog may be less expensive, home dog boarding is undeniably a more pleasant experience for your pet.

Advantages of a Kennel

Safety: Most kennels include twin gates if you wish to keep a dog in its cage. It implies that even if a dog escapes from its kennel when it is opened, an exterior fence will keep them contained. One of the easiest methods to waste your dog is to have him stay at somebody else’s place. Someone may leave the door open, allowing your dog to escape. You should feel more comfortable if you board your dog at a kennel.

Supervision: If you leave your dog in a kennel during business hours, you can be confident that someone will be on duty. Workers are available at certain kennels 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It’s comforting to know that you may call the kennel at any time to inquire about your dog’s status. If you leave your do in the house alone, it will be unsupervised and potentially harmful. Visit pet boarding Sydney for additional ideas.

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