Things You Should Know About Dog’s Dental Hygiene

Unlike humans, dogs do not get cavities. However, they are prone to get other kinds of dental problems such as plaque, tartar, etc. These dental issues can lead to major dental problems for dogs that can lead to an infection that can be life-threatening. 

Hence, you must take good care of the dental hygiene of your dog. You should make sure that you are making regular visits to your dog dentist and keeping your dog’s teeth healthy. Here are some tips that you can consider for maintaining dental hygiene of your dog.

Brush your Dog’s Teeth Properly

If you thought brushing teeth is only for humans, then you are wrong. Dogs too need to get their teeth cleaned regularly. The method of cleaning your dog’s teeth is simple – use a brush that can tilt to 45 degrees. This makes cleaning the teeth very easy and simple. 

However, getting your dog into the habit of getting its teeth cleaned can take time. Make sure your dog is too tired to move around so that it lets you brush its teeth and would not move. If you are doing it for the first time, then do not overdo it. Also, make sure you are not forcing your dog into getting his teeth brushed. If your dog cooperates, then treat it.


Do Not Use Human Toothpaste or Brush

You may be tempted to use your toothpaste to clean your dog’s teeth. But this is not a good idea as human toothpaste contains fluoride which is not healthy for dogs. Fluoride can poison your dog and harm it. You can find toothpaste for dogs at any pet store that is specially meant for dogs. Your dog toothbrush should also be bought from the pet store as it is different from what you use.

When to See a Dog Dentist?

Many at times it happens that your dog may be bleeding from its gums or is unable to chew properly. To give your dog immediate relief you can put it on a soft diet. This will give your dog’s teeth and gums some rest from chewing on hard bones. 

However, before taking any decision on your dog’s diet make sure you consult your dog’s dentist. You should also visit your dog’s dentist if your dog has bad breath, depression, pawing at face or mouth, changes in chewing habits, tartar crust, missing teeth, excessive drooling, etc. 

If you want your dog to be healthy, then make sure you are also visiting your dog’s dentist for healthy teeth.

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