Time to Say Goodbye to Your Cat – When to Consider Euthanasia

The life span of cats is less compared to humans. It is hard for pet owners to decide whether to choose pet euthanasia as it involves too many emotions. In case, your cat is in healthy veterinary care, it will help in dealing with behavioral problems.

If your cat is old or sick and unable to lead a quality life, then euthanasia is a perfect option. It is ideal to choose an option depending on its life quality, and mental as well as physical conditions.

On Zen Dog Veterinary Care PLLC, you can get the service of a trained veterinarian for your cat euthanasia. They provide a painless and quick process to help the pets to pass peacefully. Also, they are affordable too.

Here is some information that helps you to know whether it’s time for your pet euthanasia or not.

1.    Assess its physical condition

  • To make sure access your pet’s physical condition such as,
  • Consider its ability to consume and weight
  • Determine body score
  • Make sure whether it can walk to the food and water bowl
  • Note if it is soiling itself
  • Consider its capability to wash or groom
  • Make sure whether it can take painless rest
  • Check whether it responds to you and greets you

2.    Consult your vet

  • Many signs including arthritis are treatable, but early diagnosis helps to reduce suffering. So, consult your veterinarian to make the right decision.
  • Discuss with the vet
  • Book an appointment for a physical examination
  • Look at the signs, in case considering euthanasia

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3.    Making decision

If your cat is facing problems like severe pain, discomfort, distress, difficulty in taking breath, vomiting, and unable to eat, then you have to consider euthanasia. Talk to your vet, friends, and family to make the decision.

What is euthanasia?

Most of the euthanasia processes are simple, quick, and painless. Few vets will also make home visits, in case you need them. You have to sign a form, and then an anesthetic injection will be given to the vein of the cat’s leg. It loses consciousness within seconds, and death follows after few minutes.

After death, you can notice reflexes like involuntary gasps or muscle movements. This procedure saves the cat from painful end and suffering.

Whether you have to stay or leave during euthanasia

It is your choice whether to stay or not. As euthanasia is a general and quick procedure, so it will be comfortable for you to stay. If you are unable to see and upset – it may upset the pet too. If you want to stay, be calm and communicate with your pet soothingly.  Else let the staff and vet treat it. Ask your vet to see it afterwards.

Procedure after euthanasia

You can choose cremation after euthanasia. In general, communal cremation, done along with other pets and individual cremation – ashes will be returned to you. Individual cremation is quite expensive compared to communal cremation. You can even take your cat body home to arrange burial.

Losing a beloved pet makes you feel sad, guilty, lonely, but things get ease overtime. Choose the best holistic vet clinic like Zen dog and contact for the best veterinary care services.

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