What should I look for in a doggy daycare?

If you decided to take your dog to daycare, you most likely have several questions to ask. And one of those is what to look for in a doggy daycare. Overall, it would be best if you chose a well-equipped facility with trained staff. This will ensure your dog is well-cared throughout the day in a safe environment. But, of course, there are several other things to keep in mind. Here’s how to choose a dog daycare for your four-legged friend!

Equipment and maintenance practices

The first thing you need to do is tour the dog daycare facility. In this way, you’ll get the chance to observe how things are unfolding throughout the day. Look for good ventilation, solid fencing, gating, and safe floor surfaces.

Dog grouping

Another important aspect to check at a dog daycare facility is how dogs are separated into groups. Safety is a key point, and you should verify whether dogs are separated depending on their temperament, age, or size.

Staff-to-dog ratio

Dog daycare can experience crowding from now and then. So, having an adequate staff number can ensure your dog will be well-cared for. Professional daycare services will have your dog supervised at all times.

Toy policy

Even the most behaved dogs can show aggression when they play with their favorite toy. So, you should check to see what toy policy the dog daycare has in place. Also, if you know your dog gets aggressive when a playmate steals his toy, you should inform the staff.

Staff training

Dog daycare livonia mi services should have a well-trained staff. This means that they should be acquainted with distinct dog breeds and their behavior. Also, staff training is essential in offering a safe environment for every dog inside the facility.

Trial stay

Well, not all dogs do well at a dog daycare. This is why benefiting from a trial day can help you decide whether this is the best choice for you. A trial test will check to see if your dog adjusts well and socialized with other dogs.

Medical care

When it comes to what to look for in a dog daycare facility, medical care is a top priority. Emergencies can happen, and the facility must have rapid access to veterinary care.

The bottom line

The takeaway here is that you should choose a dog daycare facility with a complete service. Your dog will require access to professional care to make his stay comfortable. Before deciding on a facility, you should ask several questions. Make sure you disclose all important information about your dog’s personality to help the staff assess him correctly.

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