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Dog-Style was founded during 2008 by their current owner, Stephen Blaney. Dog-Style has everything your dog will ever need, want or just their basic daily essentials.

We could supply your dog with all the accessories, essentials, products and supplies listed in the banner below. We also stock a full range of elegant and stylish dog clothes, summer blazer jackets and warm winter coats.

Stephen Blaney, the Dog-Style original founder and owner said from their Head Office in Anfield, England, UK today, “My whole Idea with Dog-Style was to create a global and UK Online Dogs Supplies Superstore. This we have managed most perfectly. With being a very small wonder how we usually generate 1,500-2,000 daily organic visitors.

We have also amassed over 20,000 verified and active signup members. With our members exclusively benefitting from 5x Free entries into our Prize Draw Competition.”

Dog-Style provide many 1,000’s of dogs products for your loyal and trusted canine hound. Be certain to visit Dog-Style today. Or share the URL link below with your social network contacts.

Dog-Style prices begin below £3, with Dog Summer Blazer Jackets and snug & warm Winter Coats from under £7. We could provide for your dogs’ prime benefit however low your budget seems to be.

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CEO CONTACT:    Stephen Blaney




TEL:    +44 7474 336 528

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