What Are The Things You Should Look For Before Buying The Perfect Cat house?

Cats stay safe indoors as they have a tendency to go anywhere and everywhere all the time when they are outdoors. Inside they are protected from traffic, other animals, ticks, diseased wildlife etc. The perfect shelter for cats can be a small house which contains their food, toys, their bed and so on. These things all together will keep them occupied and busy throughout the day and also it will become aa great place for them to sleep. Now, there are many cat houses available in the market but you should know which one is perfect for your cat and should always care for certain factor before buying a perfect cat house. www.letsbuyit.se/katthus/ provides you the complete solutions for all of your cat house needs.

Let us talk about the facts to consider regarding cat houses before buying one;


It is the most important factor to consider before buying one for your cat. Most cats prefer a fairly snug environment. Hence, it is always a good idea to buy a small and cozy cat house for your cat. You can measure the size of your cat with a measuring tape and you will get an idea for the average size of the cat house you need to get for him/her. Cats generally prefer to sleep in a very small area but they need some area to play and you also need some space for keeping their belongings. As an example, for a full-sized Persian cat, it is better to get a house which is around 25-30 inches tall and around 4-5 feet in breadth.

Doors of the cat house:

Some cats prefer dual exits in their houses, some prefer big doors as well. we suggest you to go for dual exits as it enables your cats to enter and exit from any side of their house. Also, keep in mind to select a house a house with an average door size. Small sized doors might create some obstruction for them during entry. You can also the door as the place to keep their food. It will be a good use of it as well.  They will get happy seeing the food near the door.


Durability is also one major point to look for when you are buying a cat house for your feline. The floors of your house need to be weatherized if it is made of wood. Also, it is always better to opt for a wooden house as it enables better insulation of it. Carpeting inside the house is a good thing to have. It catches all the cat litter and their hairs which can be cleaned by vacuuming later on.


Keeping your cat house warm is another important criterion and many cat houses come with insulation paddings which traps the heat inside. Cats mostly prefer to be in a bit warm climate. Hence, during cold time it becomes tough for them to live in a chilled house. It is better if you can add some other insulation materials like straw to increase the heat retainment.

So, these were some factors which you should consider before buying a cat house for your feline friend.

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