What to Do Before Getting a Dog

There’s a reason that dogs are commonly referred to as “man’s best friend.” Cute, cuddly and always loyal, they provide joy, excitement and companionship to individuals and families alike. Before adding a four-legged friend to your family, make sure to take the following steps.

Make a Budget

Dogs can be expensive. In addition to the cost of purchasing your new pet, you will need to factor in buying food, bowls, a bed, collars, leashes, toys and animal kennels Glen Allen VA, plus veterinarian’s fees. Undoubtedly, it costs much less to raise a dog than it does to raise a child, but you should still make sure that there is some wiggle room within your monthly expenditures.

Consider Your Living Arrangements

Dogs need to be walked regularly, and most of them love to frolic and play in open spaces. It is ideal for dog owners to have a backyard, since they can simply open a front or back door to let their pet relieve him or herself, sniff around and play. It can be feasible to have a dog while living in an apartment, but you should keep in mind that you will need to take your pet out on a leash several times each day.

Take a Look at Your Schedule

Dogs demand lots of time and attention, especially when they are puppies. If you work in an office or go to school each day, do you have a neighbor or friend who would be able to stop by and let your dog out? Are you able to take a few days off right after getting your new pet, while he or she is still adjusting to his or her new home?

Dogs are a delight, but being a dog owner is a significant responsibility. Before heading to your local shelter, breeder or pet shop, make sure that you are prepared to devote time, money and energy to your new companion.

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