What To Look for in a Dog Breeder

Are you and your family ready to look for a new furry friend? Working with a professional breeder may be the easiest if you have your heart set on a specific breed.  If you are unfamiliar with what to look for in a legitimate breeder, here are some tips to get you started.

  1. A Good Breeder Is Available for Questions

A good breeder loves their animals and wants to ensure they go to a safe home. As a new owner, you may have many different questions, and a good breeder answers all of them. The process of buying a new puppy can take many months, so keeping good communication during this time is crucial for a happy outcome. They should answer all questions about the necessary supplies, the puppy’s health and help determine if their animal is a good breed pets Augusta GA for your family.

  1. A Professional Breeder Gives Tours of Their Facility

Where your puppy spends the first few weeks of its life can significantly impact its long-term health. A professional breeder allows you to visit the facility and see where the pups live. When taking the tour, use all your senses. Are the kennels well maintained? Does it smell clean? Do you hear dogs barking in areas that you can’t access?

  1. A Caring Breeder Lets You Meet the Animals

Once you have met the breeder and the facility, it’s important to meet the dogs too. Seeing and interacting with the puppy’s parents and the litter of pups gives you an idea of how caring the breeder is. The dogs should be happy and well-fed, and relaxed when in the room with the breeder.

When you’re looking for a special puppy, buying from a professional breeder is a good choice. Follow these tips to ensure your dog comes from a good home.


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